About Us

Whydraservices was started by private investigator team who are driven by a passion to make the internet safer. Our platform is an industry standard for hacker-powered security and private investigation job. We partner with the global hackers community and Ec council of hackers to surface the most relevant security issues of our customers before they would be exploited by criminals.

Our Vision

Our efforts are focused on bringing out the best within every individual and epitomizing his capacity to unprecedented levels. Almost all the developed nations surpass our country in the genre of technology. The primary reason is the skepticism to try out something new. But the trend is laterally changing and this gives us hope.

Our Mission

Our mission is “to validate information security professionals who are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required in a specialized information security domain that will help them avert a cyber conflict, should the need ever arise.” we are committed to uphold the highest level of impartiality and objectivity in its practices, decision making, and authority in all matters related to hacking services

Our Plan

We aim to create a proof and impeccably secure information system to guard against all kind of malicious information security breach. Thus, empowering the nation with reliable, efficient and secure database systems.

We have planned to reach those heights through meticulous frameworks and action plans.

How It Works


Our client pays for the service of thier choice and pay the required fee after contacting us for the price.


Our team will verify the payment immediately.


Our team will start working immediately for the required service purchased by our client and We will keep you up to date with the activiies going on


We inform you immediately after job completion.


Below are the best services we currently provides. All are handled by experienced and professional private security professionals.

Credit Card/Paypal Issues

We help you with transfer of funds to whoever you want based on your own permission and allowances

Western Union/ Money Gram

We are expert in this business and our level of professionalism will keep you safe and make the transaction easier and faster

Clarify school results

We will laise with your school authourity to clarify issues concerning questions about your result, it could be for students benefits and staff

Password recovery (Facebook,Gmail etc)

We will help you to recover your lost passwords such as online database, social media accounts, financial accounts and other lost password.

Criminal Records mismanagement

We are proffesionals in this hacking field, We will help you solve all government issues in terms of criminals records if you feel you are wrongly acccused.

Spying And Track A Device

Just like the intelligence agencies we possess world class technology that enable us monitor any client you bring to us.

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Our Skills

We specialize and are proficient in the skills below

General Hacking 91%
Password Recovery 85%
Financial Help 77%
Spying and Monitoring 65%
School result Clarification 55%


Whydraservices within this period have delivered as promised






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